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Welcome to the News.  Be sure to Scroll Down for the Latest!

4/13/98  Freaky stuff happening this week:  Voyager episode is titled "The Omega Directive" and the Deep Space Nine Episode has to do with Romulans.  Coincidence...?

4/12/98  Welcome back from our break, April 8-11 for the holidays... please remember to keep up with the player emails!

3/29/98  More news to report.  So far the game has been going great!  I'm primarily here to announce the introduction of a new component.  Occassional multimedia!  You will find links in some of your messages that correspond to original and borrowed artwork that goes hand in hand with the game.  Its not necessary to view these works, but if you do have an easy way to surf to them, it will spice up the gaming experience.

PS Stop hounding Gates!  Here in New Brunswick I've heard that poor Gates McFadden can't get from the theater to her car after her performances in Voices in the Dark at the George Street Playhouse.  Let's be civil people!

3/26/98   I'm considering either an IRC game sometime in the future, or at the very least, a Netrek-email hybrid game.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, mail me at  If you are not familiar with what Netrek is, or IRC for that matter check out the links.

3/21/98 Major Game format change.  The way which the game will be played has changed slightly.  We are going to attempt a new concept which is outlined in the new Play Guide.  Its a bit more easy to learn and a more complex method of play.  Give it a peek on the Getting Started Resources page as well as the Codes Guide, which is a printable guide to various abbreviations and symbols used to regulate game play.

3/20/98 All Essential Personel Positions are Full! However, if you still want to get in on the game, apply with a non-essential position in mind. (Hint: we will need an Assistant Doctor for the Chief Medical Officer!) Apply now! I will also be adding a new Quick Reference Guide that will be an easy printout for those of you who don't want to struggle through the Complete Play Guide. Look for it on the Getting Started Resources page.

3/17/98 You will now be able to access all Preview Information and Game Summaries through a link at the bottom bar of the ST:RU News or click here for a limited time:)

3/16/98 Almost all essential positions have been filled in Game 001, the first game of our roleplaying organization. Only Chief Engineer remains! I'd like to thank all who have signed up to play and urge those that want to to hurry! New game begins March 25!

3/12/98  Attention Deep Space Nine Fans!  Avery Brooks will be speaking this year at the University College Graduation Ceremony. I'll update you with dates and times so you can get your ass to New Brunswick if you are not already here.

3/11/98 A background introductory teaser has been written for the first game.  The first game is titled "Turnabout is Fair Game" and you can view its teaser by clicking on the title.

3/10/98  Thefirst game will begin Wednesday, March 25 pending a full crew.  To see who we have so far, go to the Shipyard to view a Crew Manifest.

3/9/98  The Membership Drive has begun.  Within the next week or so there will be a flyers scatteredabout campus.  The date for the beginning of the first game has yetto be decided.  As always, you are able to apply online by clicking here.  I will be Gamemastering the first one, my email address being

3/7/98  If youdon't have a watchful eye when it comes to local theatres you should. Tonight I saw Gates McFadden in a production of Voices in the Dark,a new play by John Pielmeier performed right here in New Brunswick.  She was excellent, and the play was really entertaining not to mention frightening.  The scenes are a little twisted, but it truly is a "modern" play.