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ST:RU Archive 001 Preview & Dramatization
"Turnabout is Fair Game"

CPT Marc Ryan has been behind a desk for 3 months at Starbase 23 near the Romulan Neutral Zone.  He has spent this time with Starfleet's top tactical specialists investigating the plausibility of fighting a two front war; fending off a Romulan Attack while the Federation is already engaged in the Dominion Wars.  He has finally been reassigned and this time its back on the bridge of a starship, the USS Omega, Galaxy Class.  The ship is enroute to Starbase 23 where it will pick up its captain and embark on its first assignment.

Two days ago Starfleet long range sensors picked up a spatial anomoly in the Neutral Zone sending out distortion waves.  What was most shocking was that the distortion waves were penetrating Federation space and emitted chroniton particles that were warping the space-time continuum and creating subspace interference.  Suspected Romulan involvement in manufacturing the anomoly may just be the first sign of war.  The USS Omega has been dispatched to investigate and has been given clearance to cross inside the Neutral Zone.

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