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IMPORTANT:This form may not work for you.  If you have any problems please answer these questions in an email in that program and mail it to

Please fill out all of the fields below to ensure that we properly process your membership application.  Everything about your real identity is appreciated but not necessary. If you do offer any personal information it will be kept confidential. All character information will be posted to the web site.

Once you are finished, it should take two to three days to process your application. Please be patient, you'll be playing before you know it.

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If you have a different post in mind not listed above or in the Play Guide (for example, Astrometrics Specialist, Anthropologist, etc.) state it below and explain how you feel this character could add to the Game:

You will be assigned a rank dependent upon your character's position and personal history.

Please describe your character in the space provided below as much as possible.  You should include his or her history, strengths and weaknesses,achievements, personal life, hobbies and interests, and distinguishing physical characteristics.  These descriptions will be available to other players so make them an interesting read.