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Welcom to ST:RU.  I hope you find this Play Guide easy to understand.  The Game play can get a little complex and it is important that you feel free to ask any questions before engaging in play.  Email with any and all questions you may have about this Guide or other pages on this site.


The ST:RU Universe

Unlike other Roleplaying games over email,  the "Universe" is in no way controlled by the players.  What I mean by "Universe" is anything that is not within a character's powers to know about.  For example, a player may decide to look out the window of a starship, but a player can not describe what they see out that window.   This principle closely resembles real life.  Unless psychic, no one knows what is around the corner.

The Role of Player and Gamemaster

This makes the experience more of a Game than a collabrative story.  The Gamemaster's responsibility is to  fill in the necessary story while the players make decisions within the storyThese decisions have an effect on the outcome.

Players also have the responsibility to stay in character and develop their character.  They must respond to situations through the voice of their characters and even have the opportunity to develop personal lives and relationships through interaction with other players and first person thought.

The Big Picture

Although aware of only individual and immediate experience, players can stay in character and still know what is going on with other characters.  This is done through GAME BRIEFINGS.  In a GAME BRIEFING players can share information with other players as if they were all sitting in the Briefing Room without having to all assemble there.  This has certain limitations however that will be discussed in PART II.


The illusion of real life experience is one of the goals of the Game.  Therefore, both players and Gamemaster must take certain steps to achive what is described above.  There are two steps that achive this and they are outlined below.

  1. Every email, regardless of who is involved, must be mailed to the Gamemaster.
  1. That same email is also mailed to everyone experiencing the events described in the email.
This can get a little tricky, but once you have the hang of it, it becomes second nature.  However, any mistakes you make will be corrected by the Gamemaster.  Since he or she receives a copy of each email, if you have not included someone on your mailing list that is the room, area, or are experiencing something along side you, it will be mailed to them.

Review this Example

1. You are the Captain and you wish to talk to the Operations Officer on a one to one basis.

2. You are on the bridge with the entire crew and you ask the Operations Officer to meet you in Ten Foward.

3. Everyone on the bridge receives your email which includes the order to the Operations Officer and the description of you and the Operations Officer leaving the bridge.

4. Once in Ten Foward, you and the Operations Officer are alone.

5. The description of the private conversation between you and the Operations Officer is emailed between him or her and yourself only.

6. If your First Officer was curious about your conversation while in a private meeting in your readyroom, he would email you only and ask you.

7. If he asked you on the bridge, the email would go to the entire crew present as well as your response.
 However, if you want to see what's going on with everyone else, not just one person or a select few you can use GAME BRIEFING.  Anyone can send a GAME BRIEFING in character asking questions or providing information to other characters.  The GAME BRIEFING email will never be edited or shorted, so players can use it as a databank of all things experienced by all players.