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Codes for Play

These are Codes to interact with other people, narrate, and give a standardized way of playing out the story.
Changing Character [Character Name]
Speaking in Character "Whatever you are saying in quotations"
Thinking to yourself in Character ~Whatever you are thinking~
Whispering/Muttering (what you are whispering >whomever you are whispering to)
Narrative (can be used by Characters in a limited fashion, no more than 3-4 lines) ::what is going on::
Computer Responses (can be used by Characters more liberally than Narrative) ||Computer says something||
Request for Information from the Gamemaster <<>>
Request for Response from a Player <>
Narration or Character play by Gamemaster Normal type
Codes for Position

These Codes are used to refer to a particular Position or Duty Station on a Starship or Starbase. Other Codes will be added as necessary, but this is a good basic chart.
(this can sometimes confuse things when someone is of a different rank, but is captain of the ship.  Address him or her as CPT but just remember they are not of that rank.)
XO  First Officer
OPS  Operations Manager
TAC  Tactical
SEC  Security (sometimes combined with Tactical) 
HELM Helmsman
CN Ship's Councilor
MED Chief Medical Officer
ENG Chief Engineering Officer
GM Gamemaster
Codes for Address

In order to address someone, you rarely use their Duty Station to refer to them, unless you are the Captain. These Codes refer to rank, and should be used as titles to address people when officers are on duty or in formal settings.
Chief Petty Officer  }}}+ Chief Petty Officers are the highest ranking enlisted personell in Starfleet. They have many years of service (usually over 15), and a wealth of experience in their field. A Chief Petty Officer usually 
commands a major engineering or services department on a Starship or Starbase. Examples include the Transporter Chief of a Starship or the Chief of Operations of a Starbase. 
PO1 Petty Officer 1st Class  }}+ Petty Officers 1st Class comprise most of the Non-Commissioned Officers in Starfleet. Petty Officers 
1st Class may serve in a variety of roles, including Senior Medical Technician, Transporter Operator, 
Security Officer, or Science Technician.
PO2 Petty Officer 2nd Class  }+ 
Petty Officers 2nd Class are the lowest level of Non-Commissioned Officers in Starfleet. A Petty 
Officer 2nd Class usually serves as a relief crewman to another post such as Transporter Operator. 
CREW1 Crewman 1st Class }}} 
Crewmen 1st Class are enlisted personell who usually have between 2 and 4 years of experience. Crewmen 1st Class generally serve as Medical Technicians or Engineering Technicians. Promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class upon re-enlistment is common, but not guaranteed.
CREW2 Crewman 2nd Class  
Crewmen 2nd Class are enlisted personell with typically less than 2 years of service. Crewmen 2nd Class generally perform menial tasks such as basic maintanance or act as security officers. Promotion 
to Crewman 1st Class after 18 months of service is routine.
CREWX Crewman Recruit  } Crewmen Recruits are newly enlisted personell who are attending the Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training Program. At the conclusion of their 6 months of training Crewmen Recruits will be promoted to Crewmen 2nd Class and posted to the fleet.
ENS Ensign * Ensigns are the most junior of Commissioned Officers. Ensigns often serve as Flight Controller aboard starships, or Operations Officer on small Starships. Ensigns can also serve in relief or assistant 
capacities to most other positions aboard ship. It is rare, but not unheard of, for a Cadet at Starfleet Academy to be granted a temporary Commision of Ensign. This is only done in cases of truly outstanding grades. Officers typically spend around 3 years as an Ensign.
LTJG Lieutenant Junior Grade *O Lieutenants Junior Grade are junior Commissioned Officers. Lieutenants Junior Grade may be the Medical Officer or Science Officer on a mid to large space station, or man a Bridge Station. Officers typically spend around 2 years as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. 
LT Lieutenant ** Lieutenants are the most common Commissioned Officers. Lieutenants can perform almost any Officer duty on a starship, save for being the Commanding or Executive Officer. In some cases 
Lieutenants can even be department heads, especially on smaller starships.
LTCMDR Lieutenant Commander **O Lieutenant Commanders are senior line officers. Lieutenant Commanders usually serve as department 
heads aboard starship or on large starbases. Lieutenant Commanders may be the executive officers on starships with a crew of less than 250, but usually Commanders fill that role.
CMDR Commander *** Commanders are senior line officers. Commanders usually serve as the Executive Officer, Operations 
Officer, or Security Chief onboard a starship. Commanders may command small starships of under 
100 crewmen, but this is rare. Commanders may also command small starbases or minor outposts. 
Taking the Bridge Officer's Test is the only way for a science or medical officer to be promoted to 
Commander, pending completion of the other requirements.
CPT Captain **** Captains are the most senior of line officers. Captains most often command Starships or starbases of 
medium to large size. Captains may also command planetary outposts or serve as division heads for 
the Starfleet Bases on major worlds.
RADML Rear Admiral \*\ Rear Admirals are Flag Officers responsible for a limited and specific area for a limited time. Rear 
Admirals are usually promoted to Vice Admiral within two years. Rear Admirals may command 
major Starbases, Shipyards, Starfleet Bases on major worlds, or similar duties.
VADML Vice Admiral \**\ Vice Admirals are Flag Officers who have a specific mandate, such as a subsection of a Division, or 
an area of space. Vice Admirals also command task forces. Most Armadas and Task Forces are 
assigned to Vice Admirals
ADML Admiral \***\ Admiral is the highest normal rank in Starfleet. Admirals have impeccable service records and 
decades of service. Flag Officers of Admiral rank are in command of all main divisions Starfleet with 
the exceptions listed above for Fleet Admirals. There are also 8 sector Admirals who are responsible 
for operations in their specific area, such as the Romulan Neutral Zone or Home Sector.
FADML Fleet Admiral \****\ Fleet Admiral is the highest rank in Starfleet. Fleet Admirals have many years of distinguished service 
and an impeccable record. There are only 6 Fleet Admirals: the Judge Advocate General, the Chief in 
Command, the Commander Starfleet, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Director of the 
Corps of Engineeers and the Fleet Commander. 
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