These James Dixon Sources are invaluable to any serious Star Trek fan.  Citing them as a source for Star Trek: RU game play is acceptable and encouraged.
All links below are 

James Dixon's Online Star Trek Chronology Incredible HTML verson of the chronology with options to limit viewing to certain catagories and organized by year.
James Dixon's Star Trek Chronology (10th Edition) 993kb  This is the best chronology of the Star Trek universe which I have ever seen. It's extremely well-researched and comprehensive. This is what Paramount only wishes its work could be like.

James Dixon's Class One Starships of the Line  Exhaustive list of known line starships from all the Star Trek series.

James Dixon's Crew Listing for NCC-1701  List of every Officer/Crew Member to serve aboard The Original Enterprise.

The Relevance of Star Trek: The Animated Series. By James Dixon.

What's Wrong with Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, by Shane Johnson. By James Dixon.

What's Wrong with The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda. By James Dixon.

Star Trek Coordinates By James Dixon.

Chromatic Specifications of Starships By James Dixon.

Emergency Grounding Procedures By James Dixon.

Destruct Sequence Scenarios By James Dixon.

TransWarp drive By James Dixon.

Starship Main Reactor + Subsystems By James Dixon.

The Only Warp Chart you'll ever need! By James Dixon.

History of the Cloaking Device By James Dixon.

Romulan / UFP Peace Treaty By James Dixon.

Organian Peace Treaty By James Dixon.

TechFandom in the Movies and Episodes By James Dixon.