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Game Summary

Once assembled aboard the Omega, the crew attended a briefing regarding their mission to examine an anomoly in the Romulan Neutral Zone.  During the meeting, the crew learned of the death of Dr. Berlinger's famous parents, ship builders at Utopia Planitia, and possible Romulan involvement in orbit of Mars.  Admiral Hanuchek, assigned to not only brief the new crew but to also review their performance, showed an open distaste for Captain Ryan and a lack of confidence in his abilities.  Ryan immediately picked up on this and requested a private discussion with the Admiral.

The discussion only reinforced his suspicions.  Ryan immediately called a meeting with Sovak and Dr. Berlinger, two of his closest confidants, to discuss the matter.  Dr. Berlinger revealed a box to his friends; something he received in his parents will and just delivered to him, a box containing thousands of experimental ship designs by his parents.  Captain Ryan ordered Dr. Berlinger to put it under lock and key.

Meanwhile, Engineering