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The Nebula Class of Star Ship was a direct offshoot from the Galaxy Class project started in 2343. Starfleet,   
after viewing the potenital that the Galaxy class project was offering decided to build a further class of ship   
based on the Galaxy Class ship. The specific idea that was liked by Starfleet was that a universal drive section   
to be built for emergency transportation. The Galaxy Class drive section was overly large and although very   
efficient at what it did, it was hard to rebuild. They needed a method of transporting a non warp capable   
saucer section and the brief was decided to build a small drive section using existing Galaxy class components   
that would be able to attach to a standard saucer section. 


Officer Crew: 120
Enlisted Crew: 340
Maximum Capacity: 1900 Standard (No Mission Module)
Number of Decks: 33
Height: 75 Meters Width: 467 Meters Length: 421.5 Meters
Computer System: LCARS
Expected Duration: 100 Years
Times Between Resupply: 5 Years
Times Between Refits: 5 Years
Weapons: 5 Phaser Banks, 2 Photon/Quantum Torpedo Lnchr
Special Design Features: The large upper modual at the back of the ship can be customized for differant mission specifications. For example, for a combat mission, another phaser array or photon torpedo launcher could be added. For
an evacuation mission, additional personnel quarters could be built in, etc. Much of this is only done on the Nebula-class because the modifications can be done with little cost and structural difficulties.


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 Here's the Prometheus viewing the anomoly from Federation Space.
Image by Mark Kingsnorth of The Behavior Group's Starfleet Galaria.  Visit their site for more great renderings.