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The development of the Galaxy class of Starships was the most ambitious shipbuilding project undertaken by the Federation since its founding. More than half a kilometer in length, carrying a crew of over a thousand, capable of  supporting up to five thousand personnel, and separable into fully independent drive and saucer modules, a Galaxy class Starship is by far the largest, most versatile, and overwhelmingly impressive Starship in existence. Unfortunately, the first generation of this class of Starship seems to have been plagued with ill fortune-  only three  remained in service less than twenty years after they were commissioned. The project was approved and launched by Starfleet in 2343 - the U.S.S. Galaxy, first of the class, was launched in 2356. The U.S.S. Yamato was destroyed in 2365 by an invasive computer program which slowly crippled all systems, eventually causing the antimatter containment fields to fail.  The U.S.S. Odyssey was destroyed in a battle against the Jem Hadar in the Gamma Quadrant in 2368, and the U.S.S. Enterprise-D was destroyed in the Veridian System in 2371.
The USS Omega has been commanded by Admiral Denise Hanuchek for the first year of its service.  A latecomer in the nearly abandoned Galaxy Class project, the ship touts all the lateest improvements and technoologies on the inside, while still maintaining that classic, yet ill fated, outside design.

CPT Marc Ryan
On board the USS Omega for mission briefing.
OPS Lark Tralia
Chatting with her brother in her quarters on the USS Omega.
XO Sovak
On board the USS Omega for mission briefing.
ENG Kellaen
On board the USS Omega for mission briefing.
MED David Berlinger
On board the USS Omega for mission briefing.
TAC & SEC Tohn Marel
On board the USS Omega for mission briefing. 


  Star Trek's Enterprise: Guidance Control The most complete site for Galaxy Class Layout I know of outside the Technical Manual.  In reality, all these guys did was take cutouts out of the Manual and scan them in.

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The USS Omega Encounters the anomoly.
Graphic by Richard Berger, II and obtained

from The Star Trek Art Gallery.
The USS Omega rounds a planet before its docking procedures at Starbase 23.

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