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GAME 001
CPT Marc Ryan
Human; Command; Captain Marc Ryan is a 28 years old, suprisingly young for the rank of Captain.. He was born in New York City, Earth, and from a very young age his life goal was to captain a starship.  Marc enjoys the company of good friends to anything else.  He enjoys later twentieth century music and culture.  Marcs strengths lie in his command ability.  He is a brilliant tactician. He earns the respect of his crew and doesn’t expect it until he does. Marc’s main weakness is his stubbornness. When he sees a goal nothing can stop him.  He also has trouble with authority, especially when he thinks he is right and they are wrong, which is most of the time. He has been known to bend the rules but get the job done nevertheless.  Height 6'2", Weight 155lb  Eyes Blue, Hair Brown Currently awaiting assignment at Starbase 23, close to the Romulan Neutral Zone
XO Sovak


Vulcan, 33 years old, Born Stardate 54424.2 24 April 2354. Physical Description: Height 6'2" Weight 160 lbs. Hair - Black, Eyes - Dark Brown, Complextion - Caucasian, Tall & Skinny, Extra-ordinary strength and hearing. Sovak was born on Vulcan but raised on several Federation starbases and starships. His father is Dr. Soval, a physicist in Starfleet's Theoretical Propulsion Group at Utopia Planitia. Sovak's mother is T'Pran, a Starfleet Admiral. He is married to T'Pel, a Science Division officer, age 20. His Fraternal Grandmother was T'Pau, the only person to ever turn down a seat on the Federation Council. He entered SF Academy at 16, the youngest age for Vulcans. He is quoted as saying it was the "logical thing to do" at the time. There he majored in Starship Operations and graduated at the top of class at age 20. He then attended Graduate Command School with distinction at age 21. Over the past 12 years he served short stints on several Starships ranging from the USS Hood, the USS Uhura, USS Excalibur, the USS Icarus, USS James T. Kirk, and the USS Enterprise-D. Sovak has served as an officer and advisor to several captains including Captain Picard, Captain Wallace, and Admirals Ross and Nachaev. While serving as OPS officer, Leuitenent Sovak helped Leuitenent Marc Ryan assume temporary command USS James T. Kirk when most of bridge crew were killed 6 years ago during the battle of Wolf 359. They both received the Medal of Valor and Sovak was promoted to full Commander. Since that time Sovak has served on several starbases in several administrative positions. Sovak and his wife have accepted that Starfleet life keeps them apart most of the time. However the 2 of them make occasional trips to meet each other at some mid-point where they may conveniently make arrangements to meet. Sovak's last posting was as First Officer of the Intrepid Class Vessel USS Atlantis. Many people who meet Sovak are surprised that he occasionally uses slang and idioms in conversation. He explains it this way. "It is quite logical really. It expresses that I have learned at times that this makes for boosting morale and increasing efficiency, which is quite logical. Not to mention, it and gives everyone a smile." Currently on shore leave with his wife at Starbase 23
OPS Lark Tralia


Bajoran; Lark Tralia was born in a Bajoran refugee camp on Bajor  during the Cardassian occupation.  She joined the resistence at age 10 first smuggling supplies but as she grew older she joined the fighting more actively.  Her mother was killed during the occupation and her father betrayed the resistence including his own daughter by giving the Cardassians vital information about their plans.  As a result Lark never had strong parental figure and often has trouble with the strict discipline required by Star Fleet.  She also has problems asking others for help.  She dislikes Star Fleet in general but she sees it as her only means to realize her dream to completely destroy the Cardassians. While attending the academy she was suspended four times for failure to follow protocol.  Lark is deeply spiritual and always makes sure that a shrine to the prophets is set up in her quarters.  She also has an afinity for 18 century earth music and Klingon love poetry.  Heignt 5'7"  Weight 135lbs  Eyecolor blue, Hair color black. Currently enroute to Starbase 23 on board the USS Omega
TAC & SEC Tohn Marel


Bajoran; The following files are taken directly from StarFleet Academy database. Tohn Marel orphaned by his refugee parents, was taken in by a Klingon family and trained to be a warrior. After being part of a klingon family for nearly 12 years he became well trained in hand to hand combat. At 12 he was given over to a human family because he was not accepted by the elders of his house. While with his new family they insisted he joined the academy to receive some schooling and discipline. At 20 he left Earth and went to Bajor to learn about his culture and own species on a cultural exchange program. In the Academy he majored in Cultural Studies and is valued for his diplomatic nature because of it. He spent 3 years on Bajor before going on his first assignment on the USS Intrepid. On board he performed his duties as chief of security. His second assignment was aboard the the USS Pegasus where he was acting First Officer for 1 year. He was then arrested for illegally smuggling Romulan Ale and was demoted to Leuitenent. Short Description: Age - 25, Hair color - dark blond, Eye color - brown, Height - 6'1", Wieght - 170lbs. Currently enroute from Forcas III and the Batleth competitions on board the USS Hood
MED David Berlinger


Human; Born just outside of the Utopia Planetia Starfleet base and orbital shipyards on Mars, Dave was an only child whose friends were martian rocks and pet reptiles from Andor.  His parents were ship builders and designers, which had been a family tradition.  His father was intent on having him attend the academy there, but knew David's true love was biology.  Even though it broke his heart, his father shipped him off to starfleet medical with full approval.  Earth was paradise for Dave.  He explored the outdoors so much he practically lived there.  He would set up a camp a little way from his dorm to escape the noise to study his medical text, and wound up sleeping there on more than one occassion.  He's served aboard three ships, one at Wolf 359.  He still has triage nightmares.  Currently enroute to Starbase 23 on board the USS Omega
ENG Kellaen
Kellaen is a late-middle-aged Andorian. He stands just over six feet tall and his white hair is worn long tied into an elaborate braid that hangs between his shoulders keeps it out of the engines he says. He has been in Starfleet for most of his life having joined at the earliest age possible to satisfy his curiousity and wanderlust. There are some who joke that he should have made Admiral by now just on the basis of the number of years he has served--and this might have been true if not for several demotions due to insubordination during his career. Kellaen claims that he has mellowed with age although his temper remains legendary and he still peppers his language with elaborate cursing in just about every language he knows. Kellaen is a brilliant engineer most recently having served on the design staff of the new Sovereign-class vessels of which the Enterprise- E is representative but the life of a station-bound designer was not for him; “Needed to put some distance on the odometer, he says, not sit on my kuvet all day with a bunch of mealy-minded academics... -- and so he volunteeted for active duty again. Apart from his near-intuitive level of engineering skill, Kellaen’s interests include gambling, martial arts, especially Andorian ritual combat, and collecting momentos of his many travels.

Currently awaiting assignment on Starbase 23