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ARTICLE I Official Title Declaration  ARTICLE VI  Special Meetings 
ARTICLE II  Mission Statement  ARTICLE VII  Amending the Constitution 
ARTICLE III  Membership Statement  ARTICLE VIII  Ecological Clause 
ARTICLE IV  Offices & Responsibilities  ARTICLE IX  Parliamentary Procedure 
ARTICLE V  Election & Vacancy Procedures

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The name of this organization shall be the Star Trek: The Rutgers University Club (ST:RU).

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* The purpose of this organization shall be to provide collegiate club in which people of diverse backgrounds with similar interests can interact through community service, social activities, and creative endeavors to promote the optimistic future as envisioned in the Star Trek universe of Gene Roddenberry.

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* Membership shall be open to all Rutgers University lifeforms enrolled as students and MUST comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, mental or physicals challenge, sexual orientation, age and political and religious affiliation.  Compliance with these laws means that membership, benefits, and the election of offices will not be made on the basis of these factors.

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Section I

*The officers of the Star Trek: The Rutgers University Club (ST:RU) shall be a President, a Vice President,  a Databank Secretary, and a Treasurer.

* a.  The President will be primarily responsible for organizing and running all organization meetings.  The President shall also be responsible for all actions of the organization and shall serve as the official representative of the organization.

* b.  The Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President.  The Vice President shall assist the President and coordinate the efforts of the organizationís committees and activities.

* c.  The Databank Secretary shall record all the actions of the organization.  The Databank Secretary shall maintain copies of all financial records obtained from the Treasurer.  The Databank Secretary will also maintain all correspondence of the organization.  The Databank Secretary must also keep an accurate up-to-date list of all voting members and submit to any student governing association/student activities office as required by the college where chartered.

* d.  The Treasurer shall handle all financial transactions and must keep records of all financial transactions.  The Treasurer must provide the Databank Secretary with a copy of all financial records.  The Treasurer must submit financial records to any student governing association/student activities office as required by the college where chartered.

 All monies of the organizations shall be kept in a special account in the student fund of any college at which the organization is recognized.  The organization may have only one account.

Section 2

The advisor to the organization shall be a member of the Rutgers University faculty or staff.

Section 3

The Executive Board shall consist of the above named officers and the advisor.  It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board to supervise the nomination and election processes.

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Section 1

 a.  The methods of nominations from the floor and self-nomination shall be used to nominate all candidates for the following academic year; the officers nominated shall include the president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer.

* b.  Elections will take place as determined by the Governing Association where the organization is chartered.  The officers will preside over the election and will tabulate the results, unless an incumbent office is a candidates and in such cases he/she shall not tabulate the results.

 c.  Nominations for officers should be made at the meeting prior to the election.

d.  No student may be a candidate for two offices at the same election.

e.  If, after the close of nominations, there are no candidates for a given office, the present Executive Board shall appoint an individual to fill the vacancy with the present membershipís approval within three weeks of the election.

Section 2

a.  The above mentioned officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast by secret ballot.

* b.  The election shall be conducted within the time periods allotted by the Governing Association where chartered.

Section 3

Should a vacancy occur in any office except the Presidency, a special election shall be held at the next monthly meeting to fill the office unless such vacancy occurs within eight school weeks prior to election day, when the President shall appoint a temporary officer to serve out the term.  If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the office shall be filled by the Vice President and the vice president shall be filled as provided above.

Section 4

Impeachment proceedings may be brought against any officer of the organization by any (3) three members of the organization.

* These three members must file charges in writing, with all Executive Board members.  These charges must also be filed with the Governing Association where chartered.

The organization must then have a special meeting two weeks from the date the charges are filed.

All organization members must be notified in writing of the meeting date when impeachment will be discussed.

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Special meetings will be held when requested by any of the officers, the advisors, and/or when petitioned by ten per cent of the membership.  There shall be at least one meeting a month.  A quorum for conducting business at any meeting shall be satisfied when one half of the members are in attendance.

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a.  Any member may propose an amendment to the Constitution.  A written copy of the proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Executive Board which shall give written notification to the membership at the meeting following receipt of the proposed amendment.

b.  This constitution may be amended by a 2/3ís vote of the membership, provided the amendment was submitted in writing at a previous regular meeting and notice was submitted in writing at a previous regular meeting and notice was given to all members at least one week before the meeting on the constitutional amendment.  The amendment will go into effect after it has been presented to and approved by the Governing Association where chartered.

ARTICLE VIII Back to Index

Organization shall remain responsible for the ecological consequences of its actions and take steps to insure that any of the actions of this organization shall not further adversely affect the environment.

All posters and other paraphernalia used to advertise activities will be removed from the area to which they were affixed after the expiration of said activities.

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Questions of Parliamentary Procedure shall be decided by and in accordance with the forms laid down in Robertís Rules of Order, latest edition.