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In seeking how who exactly Santa is and if he exists, we must examine the facts.  In Mr. Claus' case, we have to look at the global trail of clues he leaves every year.  The fact that he leaves these clues across the globe makes it a little bit more difficult to pull them together, but since he makes his trip once a year, we can be pretty sure these facts are at least reliable.

Every year, children leave behind something for Santa.  And every year it is either eaten, taken away, or fed to the reindeer.  Here are some accounts of things that SOMEONE has taken after being left out by kids around the globe.

IRELAND Leave sack instead of stocking. Leave snack and bottle of Guinness.
MEXICO Shoes instead of stockings.
SWEDEN A little brownie helps Santa. BRITIAN Children float their lists to the top of the chimney.
FRANCE Shoes instead of stockings.
GERMANY Children leave christmas lists on the windowsill.
NEW ZEALAND Santa is left a cold snack.

There are also some varried accounts of exactly who the man is passed down by legend and folklore.  We have to

UKRAINE Father Frost comes in a sleigh pulled by three reindeer. He is accompanied by Snowflake Girl.
AUSTRALIA Sleigh is pulled by eight white kangaroos.
CZECH REPUBLIC Santa is helped by the Infant Jesus.
ITALY Strega Buffana is a good witch who gives children gifts the evening of Christmas. AUSTRIA St. Nicholas comes on December 6.
SPAIN Delivers gifts by climbing up balconies.